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Anyone heard of Revature? I applied to their Jr. Developer position and a recruiter called me within 2 days. They were impressed with my portfolio for someone who was semi-new to programming. They straight up ended the conversation when I clarified I didn't have a 4-year college degree. They told me that was literally the only requirement for the job. They were willing to train. Their exact words were, "If you had just a degree in, let's say, English, it doesn't really matter, we would hire you right away. Unfortunately, without the degree, we can't go forward with you". My work in Python, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript meant less to them than a Bachelor's of Arts degree with no technical skills. I was heated to say the least.


I wish I could interview more folks with no degrees. All they have to tell me is that the degree was not worth the overinflated cost and then drop a massive portfolio on me. Ahh dreams...

Any here ever interview someone without a degree?


I've been working for 10 years without one. It never comes up during interviews, but it always comes up during appraisals 💩


I'm a sec without a degree of any sort. I've been doing IT for the past ten years without so much as a cert. Why pay someone an absurd amount of money to teach me something I can reach myself. But employers don't seem to think it's the same technology or something...


Same thing happened to me with them. I've been in the industry for over 10 years and was relatively over-qualified for the position they were hiring for (I just wanted to work in a small town and they were the only tech company there). Revature is a joke company. You dodged a HUGE bullet.


Thank you. I thought I was crazy for a while. They make it seem so nice but, I'm glad to know it was a blessing in disguise.


I just wanted to work in a small town

This is a problem myself and I know many others.
10+ years experience but the companies but small-town companies are so far removed from the tech industry latest standards they can't even recognize that you're high-quality talent.

The only way I'll be able to work in small-town with high salaries is running my own company and in honest it will be my employees who will get that benefit not me.

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