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Rajika Imal
Rajika Imal

Posted on

mincy - Svelte CLI

Svelte doesn't have an official CLI for scaffolding projects and to help the development workflow with a consistent set of commands. Even though there are not a lot of commands, it can be a bit over the place when setting up a project from scratch and starting development.

mincy is a CLI for Svelte to help the development workflow. It's essentially just a thin wrapper around degit, and the sveltejs template (although it's possible to use any template as long as pkg.json contains rollup/webpack commands)

What can you do with mincy?

  • create a project
  • start the dev server with rollup watch mode
  • build with rollup
  • publish

To install,

npm i -g mincy
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Top comments (2)

pavelloz profile image
Paweł Kowalski

npx degit sveltejs/template my-svelte-project - this is literally from official docs.

It looks like your package does "cd x && npm i". I would say not worth... anything - downloading, remembering command, or anything else ;)

rajikaimal profile image
Rajika Imal Author • Edited on

This was made for my personal use, doesn't mean everyone has to find it useful. Just sharing with anybody who might find it useful ;)

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