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🇨🇬Rajil  VEMBE
🇨🇬Rajil VEMBE

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Need tips to start software engineering <Post 1>

Step 1 - Ask your peers in the field

I'm about to start again, everything from scratch,..... Any pieces of advices about How to start efficient Software Engineering? Building solutions from analysis to modeling, from sketching to code.
I'm a newbie Software Engineer with no-degree, have been working in web Dev, already 7 years as a simple Web Designer (CMS stuffs).
It's came to me that Web Design is boring , I want to put hands on dirty :)
Impatient to start again with JAVA stack (first) . Despite the fact I know that it's JS time I'd like to start by odd.

Thanks for your help !

Links, ressources, books would be appreciated.

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J. Pichardo • Edited on
  1. Read, not only new stuff, get your head into classic software engineering papers and books.
  2. Evolve, never stop learning, keep your knowledge fresh and your practice fresher.
  3. Adapt, programming and engineering is always changing, so, change with it.
  4. Develop, any idea you get, build it, it doesn't matter the complexity, just do it, if you get stuck pause it and start something else.

Some good ways to start is to follow blogs, and search for code challenges.

p.s. Programmers write code, engineers solve problems.

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🇨🇬Rajil VEMBE Author • Edited on

Thanks for your answer !

Reading which kind of books any titles to share ?