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Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (November 26th edition)

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You could give Flarum a try? I've been working as a 3rd party extension developer for a little over 2 years now :)

Amazing community, well-rounded developers, and a ton of fun to have with a modern approach to forums!

GitHub: Composer Project/Core App (pulled in by composer project)

Quick Specs

Front-end: MithrilJS (considering a switch to a different JS framework)
Back-end: PHP (uses various Laravel components but is branching away from a Laravel architectural layout (core dev also created his own JSON-API package for PHP)).

We are always looking for new contributors either contributing to core or to the 3rd party extension development ecosystem :D

This is not my personal project but I always find ways to keep myself involved as it is a beautiful and modern approach to forums (NEEDS LOTS OF <33333333333333)