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Discussion on: Complete roadmap: How to get started with Frontend Development?

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Ralph Brooks

The following worked for me:

  • Learn git first. Visit Publish a "hello world" file and build off of a repository.

  • Do a first pass of learning basic HTML / CSS while learning React

    • - Learn CSS
    • tailwind CSS - LEARN how to do CSS Fast
  • Learn some basic javascript while doing TypeScript. Try to make the transition to TypeScript as quickly as possible.

  • Start to build components. Think CSS in JS. I have used emotion and styled components so that CSS does not cause unwanted side effects.

  • Use Chrome DevTools, and use Lighthouse as a guide to improve performance.

  • Start using a blog to really learn. Gatsby.js worked for me.

  • Learn GraphQL with Apollo Server for APIs. Use Apollo Federated to stitch the APIs together.

  • Get better at using Webpack for deployment.

If this is helpful, follow me on Twitter @ whiteowled and ask more questions. Here to help.