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Data Science Course in Hyderabad

Data Science Course in Hyderabad

Candidates considering getting into the field of Data Science can gain knowledge about the entire process of data science by utilizing AI Patasala Data Science Course in Hyderabad. Domain experts supervise it. AI Patasala aims to aspire students to be fully advanced real-time analytics professionals.

Get the certification in analytics advanced training program based on the Data Science Training in Hyderabad at AI Patasala & build skyrocketing career graph.

What Are the Topics That You Will Be Learning?

The primary purpose of a Data Science training program is to give the participants exposure to real-world applications in this field.

The main target audience for this live instructor-led Data Scientist Course in Hyderabad includes

  • The basic concepts of Data Science
  • Understanding the latest Deep Learning concepts
  • Machine Applications for Leaning
  • Regression Models and Decision Trees
  • Industry Projects & Case Studies
  • Participating in multiple real-world cases and live studies

Intended Audience for Data Science Training:

Our classes are flexible for working professionals of all levels and those looking for jobs. This training method is advanced and extremely effective. Data Science is mainly intended for

  • Data Savvy Aspirants
  • Database Administrators
  • Networking Administrators
  • Sales executives
  • Students/ Freshers
  • End Users

Practical learning with industry-relevant content is available to those looking to gain a deep understanding of the subject. The candidates interested in attending can opt to this Free Data Science Demo to determine the effectiveness of future instruction according to the specifications.

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Contact Us: Data Science Institute in Hyderabad

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