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Discussion on: Building a Jamstack app with Nuxt, Vue and FaunaDB

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ramigs Author

hi Pim,

thanks for your question.

yes, the way this app is developed, it does expect the regenerate to be done in order to add the new content.

In terms of how this strategy fits a large amount of data, I guess the right answer would be depends on your specific context. Everything is a trade-off, in this case we're shifting work load upfront, during the build/generate, so that users can be served static pages "faster".

For some use cases, it would not be acceptable to wait for a build to see the changes reflected, for others having a build time of a couple of minutes is not an issue.

Recently Nuxt has introduced some features that can open new possibilities regarding these questions.
Haven't tried them myself yet, but I suggest you take a look at:

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Pim Hooghiemstra

Thanks for your answer Ramigs, it makes sense: it's all a trade-off. I'll look into these links. Great post, thanks.

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