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Discussion on: Benefits of freelancing

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Hasse R. Hansen

I have been working as a full time freelancer for the last 6+ years, and will never look back to being in a full time job.
I really love the freedom, able to handle my 24hrs a day like i want to. I work approx. 5-6 hours a day and thats one of the most valueable benefits for me.
As for an introvert it's so nice to being freelancer and not having to collab with co-workers all the time.

When at work - please work!

When i stopped being an employee, it quit becuase I want to be my own boss, and i plan what project to work on, not a thing my boss should manage.

The downsides Langenau lists, i cannot relate:

  • The long-term security is there, just a matter of making enough, and put money aside.
  • Continous work, it's a full time job to be boss - and love it.
  • Sick for 2 weeks ? You should be very sick, when not being able to work from your bed. And make the deadlines so you have a 1 week buffer. *Work and private merge - Then set up some rules @ home.