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Hi folks! I'm Rangsiman Ketkaew. I'm a Thai computational chemist (chemist who uses both theoretical methods and high-performance computer to simulate the molecule and chemical reaction). I'm happy to be here with you guys!

Btw, can anyone tell me what does v44 mean and how is it different from other threads?


Welcome to DEV Rangsiman! A computational chemist... that's awesome! Do you just use a super big AWS computer (or similar), or is there custom hardware for that?

Every time the welcome thread gets too long they make a new one - so v44 is just the 44th time they've made a new one. It's the latest one currently - so you posted in the right spot :)


Alright, I'm right now helping a start-up company by using computational techniques for drug screening. My task is setting-up computational environment on AWS EC2. However, for research laboratory in academic institute such as university they mostly use national supercomputer.

By the way, CPUs are too slow for us! So there is many attempts trying to use GPU to accerelate the calculation!

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