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WordPress: How to create a Test Drive setup for your plugin/theme

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Before i begin

This is my first post on after about a year i joined, so pardon any mistakes. I finally gathered the courage to write it.
Writing code is so much easy than writing posts.
If you have suggestions/feedback, please let me know in comments.

What is it about?

This is about a WordPress free plugin that lets you create self-destructing test drive sub-sites that can be used by plugin and theme authors to create a test-drive/sandbox environment for their plugins and themes.

sandbox test drive

Link to plugin repo:

Why create another WordPress plugin?

Before creating this plugin, I searched a lot, tried various solutions to create test drive site for my plugin where i could give a playground to potential buyers/users of my plugin. But, no success.

The best solution that i came across was, but the problem was pricing ($2499 p.m for 1000 active installs - as of the date of this post publish)… that was way beyond my budget…
so, as we say necessity is the mother of this plugin.

How you may create a Test Drive setup for your plugin

Well, you shall need a WordPress multisite installation for this plugin to work and follow these simple steps:

  1. Install and activate plugin on main site and:
    • Verify default settings for Test Site Expiry (default 48 hours) and user role of test drive creators (potential users of plugin)
    • Network activate the plugin or themes you want to create test drive for.
  2. Add shortcode [utd_reg_form] on main site. where user can provide their name and email
  3. On form submit, test site is created for the user and credentials sent to the email provided.

Want to see a Working Example?

If you want to see this plugin in action, please head to the test drive setup i created for one of plugin uSchema.

You may check the test setup here:

Parting Thoughts

Let me know your thoughts on this.
I plan on making more plugins that are aimed at making WP developers life easy.

If anyone interested in the venture, he is welcome to check the GitHub repos for my account.

GitHub logo boospot / utestdrive

The Plugin to create Demo Test Drive setup for plugin and theme authors

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