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Discussion on: How I got my first job in tech as a software engineer with no money and no degree

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Raphael Jambalos

Hi Max, you have a very great plan and execution! Your plan to live and breathe code is what sets you apart from others trying to transition to the tech world. You also learned the basics rapidly and applied them to (1) portfolio, (2) sample projects, (3) clients. You also became active in blogging and promoting yourself.

Most people get stuck in the many, many things one has to learn. It's a good thing you spend time researching first and having that roadmap, so you didn't get needlessly overstudying for a specific piece of technology.

May I ask what your background was before you started doing code? (its okay if you prefer not to tell me)

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Maximilian Author

Thanks Raphael!
I wrote a post about my background called “Why I Chose A Career In Tech” which will answer your question in detail. Long story short: my background is as a working musician, but tech was always a hobby of mine!

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