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JavaScript Clock

This is my first project with code pen with css html and javascript language. I realise this project thank to a tuto on youtube but i took ownership of the code.
for move the minute second and hour needle we calculate the hour minute or second in degree angle thank to :
const hour = hours*30;
the needle move thank to :
document.querySelector('.heure').style.transform =rotate(${hour}deg);
the position of needle move every second :
setInterval(clock, 1000);

for the rest it's very easy

function clock(){
  //heure s min
  const date = new Date(); 
  const hours = ((date.getHours()+11)%12+1); 
  const minutes = date.getMinutes(); 
  const secondes = date.getSeconds(); 
  const hour = hours*30; 
  const minute = minutes*6;
  const seconde = secondes*6;
  document.querySelector('.heure').style.transform = `rotate(${hour}deg)`;
  document.querySelector('.seconde').style.transform = `rotate(${seconde}deg)`;

setInterval(clock, 1000); 

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Clément Gaudinière

Great clock. If you want you can include your codepen with this syntax in your article: {% codepen %}. Also in your code block you can specify that you use JavaScript like this:

''' js
// Your code

raphyphoo77 profile image

thank you i'm starting on this network

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