Discussion on: What Defines a "Junior" Developer? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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George Marr

I've always seen junior and senior developers defined in very different manors, and often the work environment these developers are in have different definitions of a junior and a senior dev. First things first no matter if you're a jr or a sr you're still a dev, you're still working for the same people and your code still matters. From experience most places I've been at define these two on the skillset and your code knowledge, sometimes it can be in general not relating to one specific area but more often its is this case. My work currently focuses around C, C++ and Python, in the views of my current I'm a senior developer because of the position I have been hired for. However during an interview we discussed these roles, and he told me that If instead of working on the backend server side of things if I went into the web portion of the company I'd be a junior dev, this being because I can make and write code for websites but my skillset for it is pretty low.

I've always found that junior devs are more often given tasks that aren't so challenging and are designed to help them improve their skills while working for their employer(s). Personally I believe being a junior dev is critical in a persons dev career. Some people will jump over junior and move to a standard or senior dev position, I never felt like this was a good thing to do seeing as a lot of employers will assist the junior devs in their position to help strengthen their knowledge.