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re: Oh. One of those ;) Anyway, yes, I really hate Windows, it's not just that I dont like it. Why? I could talk all day but two things made me complet...

Yeah, updates have been cumbersome for a really long time too. But latest version of Windows 10 allow you to schedule or defer them by choice. Of course that's no reason you should switch back to Windows. :)


And i still find the nagging infuriating, always interrupting playing games. And when you do reboot for an update it feels like an eternity of not being able to use your machine, whereas in Linux you rarely need to reboot and all updates can be installed while you use the machine.

yes, infuriating was the word I was looking for :)


;) I don't even follow Windows anymore. With all my AWS resources, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, NAS servers, Android, etc... it just feels like a completely strange OS :) I installed Win10 6 months ago as second boot option as my kid has grown up and PC gaming is a thing :) Its hard to explain the feeling of doing it. As much as I disliked it before, it was 10 times worse now, after years of exclusive Linux (Mint) usage. I have several PCs to maintain for absolute non-tech familly members and emoloyees. My 76 year old father among them. There has been zero issues and not more than few hours per year on maintaining those, remotely. Completely uncomperable to times Windows were on those PCs. Just viruses and updates create 10x more work than that. And Im not some modern buzzword-follower or brand fanatic. My first Windows installed was Windows 3.1 (came on 13 3.5 inch diskettes back then) and first Linux was Slackware 3.

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