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Discussion on: I failed an interview because of an algorithm

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Raul Melo Author

I had the exact same feeling "Despite the challenge, I did super well".

The theory which makes most of sense in my mind (which some people comment it out) is that they had another candidate with the same profile as me but he/she went much better than me on the code.

We don't spend our days solving problems by heart without internet or colleagues to collaborate with, and being a developer is not about being alone with one brain only in a cave.

That's totally true, even when I'm working a by myself and I don't have someone to ask help I have much more time and resource to figure out the problem.

The best interviews I have ever had was about implementing a tiny project or debugging apps to solve some bugs in a pair programming mode. I think it was much more closer with what I was supposed to do if I were hired.