What I Learned My First Week at My First Dev Job

Ricardo Delgado on October 07, 2019

One day I'm filling out job applications, doing Leetcode until my head is doing somersaults, and then the next day I'm in. To think that just abou... [Read Full]
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Congrats on the new job! πŸŽ‰

I like that your first takeaway is communication - because (in a way), the next two points are about communication too! It's funny how the important parts of a job are often the non-technical ones :)


I will fully admit that I haven't really been able to dig into code yet, so maybe that'll change. But it certainly seems like the emphasis is on communication!


Effective collaboration is indeed the key to successful software development.

Don't let Jira scare you. As long as it is set up sensibly you should be able to pick up the essentials in no time and work from there.

Git can be a tricky beast. Take your time learning it, it will pay off. I think all development curriculums should include it.

Good luck!


Congratulations! And thanks for the post.

I appreciate you posting this as it is a good reminder to me, after being in the industry a while, of the perspective of someone just coming in and things that are good to focus on in the first week(s). It's too easy to start taking some routine tasks for granted.

Enjoy your second week!


Thanks for this! I start my first job next week and this was a good reminder that I wasn't only hired to write code. Good resources too πŸ‘


Good luck! I hope your have as great as an experience as I've had so far.

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