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Reece Dunham
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An easy way to make your GitHub profile less cluttered

Contributing to open source is fun, but can also get messy.
When you contribute to a GitHub repository, unless you have write access to it, a fork is created.

Forks aren't bad on their own. What gets problematic fast is the number of forks you have.
Having more forks means it can be harder to people to find what they are looking for on your profile, slower API calls, and more problems like these.

Today I am here to present a solution. Introducing GitHub fork storage!

GitHub fork storage is a GitHub organization for the sole purpose of storing forks.

Why Use GFS?

Here are some reasons that GFS is better than a fork on your user account:

  1. Maintainers can commit directly. If maintainers are a member of GFS they can commit directly to the fork.
  2. The community can help develop on that fork.

How to Use GFS

  1. Transfer your existing forks over
  2. When creating new forks, choose GFS as the destination
  3. You are done!

You can request an invite here!

Have a nice day 😄.

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