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RNR 165: Full Stack Development with React Native on the Cloud with Nader Dabit

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020

May 13th to 15th - register now!

Longtime React Native Radio's host Nader Dabit returns to talk about full stack development on the cloud. We get into the options such as Azure, AWS, GCP, Netlify, and Zeit. We also catch up on what Nader has been up to lately.


  • Tim Jung

  • James Brenton


  • Nader Dabit



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Tim Jung:

Nader Dabit:

James Brenton:

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timjung profile image
Tim Jung 👽

Hey I'm one of the hosts on this! :)

Such a great episode to record. Nader is one of my favorite people. It was dope to be able to sit down and record with him and James!