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Do you know if Python is any good for making games or software?


Python is a really good general purpose language. Therefore, you could develop games using Python. I've heard that pygame ( is quite popular for example. I suppose it really depends on the type of games you want to build. However, I personally feel that Python is better suited to other areas like data science. For building games, I think that "C" is always going to be a popular choice. Unity ( is very popular these days too. I am busy learning Unity for fun. In the beginning I was surprised to see that it uses C#. Btw, if you're interested in getting into Python and seeing where it is applied then I would highly recommend MOOC platforms like Coursera and Edx to learn more.


Python can be embedded in games to provide scripting support. So, Python can be a good tool for game developers. It may not be the main language, but make no mistake, it can be very useful.

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