How do I Know When I Will be Ready to Work on a Shared Project & When Will I be Ready for Hire?

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Somebody saw my portfolio the other day, and offered me to collaborate on a project in the future if I was interested. I got very excited and at the same time, a little scared. I got very excited that somebody noticed my portfolio which I made two days ago, I also thought it sounded like a fun idea, and I would love to work with others and gain more knowledge and practice, but at the same time I also felt a little scared and my social anxiety kicked in. Even thought I am on the internet, my social anxiety persists (and some days are easier than others). Another thought I had was: "Do I have sufficient knowledge and skills for the project?" Also a last question popped up: "How do I know when I will be ready for hire?

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I think that a lot of those questions you could get answered if you had a mentor.

Someone who is more experienced than you could give you advice and guidance on how to approach the next steps in your career aspirations. They can also review your code and give you feedback on how to improve your skills.