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Discussion on: GraphQL (microservices) architecture by Apollo

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Ahmed Rebai

I have many questions
First, there are some points that say Graphql is not enterprise-ready yet and it's not scalable yet, so what's your point? and other personal questions as a junior developer do you advise me to make a career as a front-end developer or full-stack ? while you're a front-end lead developer :D

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Raymon Schouwenaar Author

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for your question!

Well I think GraphQL is suitable for a enterprise envoirment. But it all depends on the choices around the whole architecture. To switch from REST to GraphQL is a big process. It has many benefits and challenges. So if an organisation want to change to GraphQL it should first be tested on a small scale before to go all-in.

I would always advise to choose the technology you like "right now". Because that's gonna help you stay motivated to fail and grow.

I started as a junior front-end developer with only experience in HTML & CSS but I've grown to a Full-stack JavaScript developer. So choose the start of your journey now and change it over time.

Hope you can get something out of my advise!