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Wait, so what's the browser compatibility with this?

As much as I love SCSS, and I do, if I don't have to use it anymore in place of standard css, that's ideal


CSS variables are supported in all modern browsers.
For Internet Explorer, I usually use a fallback value:

.main-header {
 background-color: red;
 background-color: var(--main-color);

But then, of course, updating value at runtime won't work in IE. I think that this fallback is sufficient when the changes are only cosmetic.


For Internet Explorer, you can try this polyfill:
It enables nearly full custom properties support for it.


That's support for setProperty itself, not support for cash variables, which won't work with setProperty (or at all on ie without polyfilling - and the best polfyills only support initial evaluation)

So, aside from IE, if your browser is less than a year old (2 years, at least, if you exclude Edge), CSS variables work.

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