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Discussion on: How to become a good writer?

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Diana Chin

What helped me write better was to spend a couple of minutes a day writing in my journal. I use DayOne app on my phone and their recent update on providing daily prompts helped me stay mindful on my goals. I also read a lot on my Kindle since I've substituted my time on social media by reading more content (whether if it's books on tech, thriller, romance, history, etc.).

I also agree with Francis's comment that the more you write, the better you'll get at it. Writing once won't cut it. It takes practice and the will to keep getting better at it, just as much as one does when learning how to code.

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Shadow Scientist Author

Writing is always important and a daily practise can always help us to form this good habit. The more we can write, the more we can expand - that's how great ideas comes to life! Writing in the journal can uphold the consistency of writing. DayOne is indeed a great app for journaling. I used FullReader for a while and currently using Nextgen Reader for reading e-books and tutorials on Windows.

But I think learning how to code is comparatively more easier as they follow certain rules and patterns whereas writing is like thinking beyond an idea. Reading and practising may be the only way to achieve this talent. Thank you for your suggestions. :)