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Discussion on: What effect is the Coronavirus having on your work life and personal life?

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Diana Chin • Edited

To be honest, the coronavirus does not concern me at large. I still use the same precautionary measures in washing my hands, not touching my face, staying outside for too long, etc.

What bothers me the most is the anti-Chinese (and anti-Asian sentiment in general). This has impacted my family greatly as my in-laws are Chinese. My husband and I have a son together (I'm mixed with Puerto Rican / Indo-Guyanese). I wish this post was light hearted, but it isn't.

Since the appearance of the coronavirus, my son has experienced first hand racism while I was taking him to school. He currently is in Pre-K. While I was waiting for his teacher to arrive, my son coughed for a bit. Not because he was sick, but because he needed his bottle of water.

At that moment, I saw a mother clutching onto her own son and gave my son a disgusted look. I could've brought out the Brooklyn in me, but I decided to glare down at the woman and let her know not to mess with my son or make any remarks. She saw that I wasn't messing around and decided to drop off her son quickly and ran. Even when I had to pick up my son after school, the woman avoided me.

To add onto the day, my husband came home in an angry mood. I found out on his way back home via the subway, one of the passengers decided to place a mask over her face, point to my husband and started insulting my husband in front of him to her friend. He ignored them, but when he came home, he vented and was clearly upset during what happened on the train.

The last time I went to Chinatown, NYC, it was a ghost town. Local businesses are hurting (including the one that my dad in law is working).

Every day, I've been praying for my family's safety. Even though I work from home, not a day goes by where I am concerned about what goes on outside.

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Jean-Christophe Helary

I hope you and your family manage to deal with the racism, which is probably more stressful than the virus itself. The best way to reduce the stress levels is to stop reading/watching/listening to the news. Anything important that you need to hear will reach your ears a day or two later. The rest is a waste of time.

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Diana Chin

I agree. It's why I try my best to minimize my intake on watching the news since everything I've been seeing has been blown out of proportion.