Discussion on: What's playing in your headphones while you code?

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Gabe Dunn

I will normally listen to something along the lines of 'chill' music. I find it relaxing and it helps me focus.

I will also occasionally throw in a random song that doesn't fit with the rest of them once in a while, because I just found the song or just remembered it from a while back.

The list that I have is always changing. I find a song, listen to it way too much, and then it gets boring. So I will always go through Spotify's Discover weekly playlist, and that will usually have a good song or two.

Currently, I'm listening to remixes by (DJ) Vanic - Make Me Fade, Can't Sleep & The Cops are my favourites. I have a song or two by K.Flay, a song or two by Lil Dicky, and not too much else. This is sure to be different by this time next week though.