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I've used a few text editors/IDEs over the years ( not including when I used TextEdit for bukkit configuration and extremely basic java ).

When I first got into programming, I started using Eclipse with the PyDev extension, because python was all I knew how to work with, and I had tried to make bukkit plugins and everything directed me towards Eclipse, and it worked fine for me. It had all the features that I really needed back then (simple autocorrect and a 'run' button).

When I got into web development with just HTML, CSS, and JS, I started out using atom, because I liked the "one dark" theme. I still look for that theme in any IDE that I use today.

After a while, atom got too slow for me, and I looked for something new. I moved on to brackets. It doesn't have the best support for server side languages, but for client side it was the best ! I used an SFTP auto-uploader to upload files to my AWS instance, and used the "new one dark" theme. That worked great for a while, until I got into server side languages like PHP.

It was a while until I found a good editor with good PHP support for me, but then I came across the JetBrains suite, and that's what I've been using ever since. With a one dark theme of course. It has everything that I could use. I use PHPStorm for all my web development, PyCharm for python development, RubyMine for ruby, IntelliJ IDEA for java and projects with multiple languages, and I've recently started using Visual Studio 2015 Community with ReSharper, until I found Rider, which is unfortunately still in EAP, but still it's built on IntelliJ IDEA, and has worked fine so far for me. Also, for working with databases, DataGrip is amazing.

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