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Difference between a UX Designer and a Web Designer?

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Most of us are often confused between UI UX designer and a web designer, but there is a significant difference between them.

UX represents the User Experience design and is popularly known as the invisible or behind the scene design side. The UX design company works on design and user research, interactive design, information architecture, content strategy, usability testing, etc.

On the other hand, a UI design company works for the website's User Interface design or graphical design. The UI designers know color theory, photo direction, motion graphics, typography, vector manipulation, etc.

Talking about web designers, they need not focus on the UX approach for website designing. They can either be graphic designers working on the web or developers to design attractive apps and web app development.

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UI designer:

The UI designer's job is to create beautiful, useful user interfaces, but they can't build an interface base on personal preferences, they should build that interface base on the UX, so basically UI is part of the UX process, UI designer should be good at Knowing colors, design languages, typography, generally they should be really creative.

UX designer:

UX designer job is quite different, they try to create the best experiences for the users when they are using a product, it's more being logical than being creative, The UI is in that UX process, or a single person does all those processes which we call them UI-UX designers or they are a product team which they do all of these processes as a team, A group of professional people works on UI in the product team and another group work and UX, and a product designer direct these teams. so what are these interesting processes they working on:

  • Research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Persona
  • Cart sorting
  • Analysis
  • Sketching
  • Low fidelity design (Wireframe)
  • High fidelity design (UI design)
  • User testing
  • Surveys

Web designer:

Few years ago, it was very traditional, a Expert web Developers does all of it, it's hard to believe but programmers which they don't know anything about UI/UX design and UX design process they do all of these, we called those people web designers, but now it's different, there people which design a website and they are people which they coding the designs, we call them Front-end and back-end developers. Front-end basically code the design and Back-end handle server-side programming, if you found someone which they do all this stuff, there is something wrong. Web design = Teamwork.

Some people call UI-UX designers web designers as well, some UI-UX designers they main focus is design interfaces just for the website, but generally, they do the design of both Mobile apps and Websites.

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