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Google Doesn't Follow their Own Rules

renaissanceengineer profile image Renaissance Engineer ・1 min read

Web development isn't just about what we want to make, we also have to look at things from a business perspective and take other factors into account when building an application. At the end of the day even if you are working on a passion project, you want people to be able to see it and find it online.

Google Sucks

Ironically, Google doesn't follow their own advice and if you watch the video above you'll see that many of their biggest sites like YouTube and Google Cloud do terrible on their own testing metrics. on the other hand is well optimized and scores well over the goal of 75th percentile for performance:
Alt Text

SEO is a big part of getting organic traffic and Google has recently put out some new standards known as Core Web Vitals to measure user experience and has an impact on how a web page ranks in Google Search.

There are numerous metrics that go into the "web vitals", but the main 3 Google emphasizes are metrics that deal with loading time, interactivity, and visual stability:
Alt Text


I'll be covering similar topics in the future so be sure to follow or subscribe on youtube. I was planning on covering this topic more in depth due to all the hype around it, but I couldn't take it seriously after Google's own sites bombed so hard.


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