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Echoing others, the requirements are a wish list. If you meet 70 - 80% of them, give it a shot. Another thing to consider is interviewing is a learned skill and dependent on the interviewer. I’ve had small local shops that said I was inexperienced and later that week, an international company said I was the most experienced one out of their interview batch.

Don’t get discouraged and keep trying. Practically everyone on my team has applied to our employer multiple times over several years before getting in.


Seems many people are saying things like this. Thank you!


As an employer, I don't see it like that. There is no requirement list per se (and I'm honest about it in my job offers, I don't put a requirements list).

There's only two things I look at:

  • Potential
  • Current level

Depending on the business constraints, I'll be needing someone able to work at an expected level within an expected amount of time.

So, regarding the technical skills, I hire the people with the most potential but within an acceptable investment threshold.

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