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Using Windows 10 w/WSL for development. I've had to repeatly explain to people WSL is literally running Linux inside Windows and they still don't understand. They rather install Linux on their ultrabooks and complain about non-working drivers 🤷🏻‍♀️


Also, as linux run in NTFS, it doesn't support symbolic links and many dependencies don't work as they are supposed.
Really not good.


Why would I want to run Windows if I'm just going to be using something else?


WSL does not run literal Linux inside it; it's a kernel API compatibility layer + ELF binary support. Because of this, WSL I/O is very slow compared to running native Linux on your machine. You are better off using a VM inside Windows at that point, IMO. I haven't had that many drivers issues, #YOTLD!


Linux inside Windows feels to me like placing a high performance engine in a VW Sedan. Yeah, you have a cool engine but you also have, you know, a VW Sedan—with all its limitations that prevent you from taking advantage of your new engine.


Well, if you know that you will want and/or need Linux, you should choose your hardware accordingly.

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