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Good Afternoon All!

So the biggest issue I see from reading all of this is what other alternative is there? I have a masters degree in mathematics and plan on career changing. Bootcamp sounds like a great approach for the basics... that's about it.

Here is my issue. I'm phenomenal in understanding mathematical concepts BUT I needed structure and needed to be taught. Self teaching yourself code is difficult.

The reason being:
1) No one knows if they are learning correctly
2) When you're stuck it's hard to find answers - This is a good thing - Solution based
3) Boot camps need to be minimum one year.

4) I'll say it again because I think this is the reason why many people go the bootcamp route. We don't know if we are learning correctly. The most important thing with front end is being a master at HTML/CSS because that's what your manipulating... without that. JS is useless in creating a well versed site.

So my question is: What is the BEST way to self teach yourself to eventually do a career switch? That's the real question. Everyone says if you know HTML/CSS/JS you'll get a job. It's not true anymore because you don't have production experience on a development team.

Where did everyone learn to become a self taught developer? Let's go on that note so we can save people money here. Also, You need to know Algorithms and Data Structures. Don't care what anyone says, been hiring SW's for a long time... You have to have that knowledge even if it's basic.



I'll work with anyone willing to teach!

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