How I'm Automating My Productivity With This Smart Home Combo

RG on April 10, 2019

Have you ever used timers to enhance your workflow? I have. Setting time boundaries works for me quite well but managing timers is not that pleasan... [Read Full]
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This is so cool! Ironically, I just published a Pomodoro timer that's fully collaborative, and integrated into Live Share: I'm equally as curious/passionate to explore ways to encourage better time management, especially within pair programming sessions. I'll be following your series to learn new tips 😄



I am expressing to you my respect to combine ideas of pair programming and time boundaries! That is so cool! Love it.


My personal approach is to merge time tracking and task planning into one app:


I've checked an app and it's very nice. 3400+ commits and 145 releases looks very serious.

Do you market your work? It looks promising.


I probably spend waaaay too much time developing this app. Basically it's the result of a lot of productive procrastination and very strong negative feelings towards repetitive work ;)

I'm not really marketing it apart from the occasional comment on articles related to programmer productivity. I probably should do more, but I have much less fun doing that than I have with adding new features. Also code signing for mac and windows would definitely be cool so it could be published to the respective stores and installed without a warning message on those systems...

Do you maybe have a suggestion or two how to make it more popular?

You must often write articles about time management using the tools you make, I'm sure it can make your device more famous and can be used by many people

There is a youtube channel that might make an overview.


wow didn't knew about routines nor that google home exposed a the web server
love it ❤️


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