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The Luca Educational Platform arrives in Mexico

The Luca Educational Platform facilitates learning in primary and secondary school students
Luca arrives in Mexico! Luca is an educational platform that serge to equip children and young people with educational tools developed by teaching experts, which allow them to continue their studies and stay updated, and be the main support for mothers and fathers when providing school support for their children. .

A set of tools for children's learning
«We are very proud to reach the Mexican market with this platform. At Luca we are more than an option for reinforcement at home, we are a specialized academic platform that comprehensively covers all the topics of the SEP curriculum and that children can use to learn for the first time, review, or prepare an exam while playing and having fun, ”said our CEO, Frederico Bello.

We are aware that the health emergency has changed the way of living and studying of thousands of children and adolescents, a situation that implies multiple challenges and that has resulted in a drop in learning levels and never seen school dropouts.

Impacts of COVID-19 on children's learning
According to the Survey for the Measurement of the Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Learning of Children (ECOVID-ED) 2020, carried out by INEGI, it is estimated that in Mexico 5.2 million students from 3 to 29 years old dropped out of school . Of the total school dropouts, at least 2.3 million did not enroll for reasons associated with COVID-19, and 2.9 million due to lack of money or resources. Of this total, 3 million correspond to the level of basic education (preschool, primary and secondary).

During the current pandemic, parents share the feeling that their children did not learn enough at home, because the traditional platforms used by schools are not designed to meet the needs of students.

Luca's impact on the learning of children and young people
In this context, our digital education platform promotes democratizing access to education: at a very accessible cost, with high-quality content focused on a student-centered methodology and aligned with current technologies and platforms.

Our students learn with microlearning lessons with videos of only 5 minutes, designed by expert teachers, accompanied by quizzes and games, which make learning fun for students.

Tested in schools in Mexico
This model has been tested in a pilot program in schools in Mexico, resulting in unprecedented high interaction and retention rates in the educational sector in the country.

It is important to mention that with the Luca educational platform, students can study from anywhere and at any time. The platform can be accessed from a cell phone, tablet or computer. Sing Up for free

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It is great that students will now be able to study on this platform. I'm studying in a similar way, and it's much easier than the old curriculum. I was recently asked to write an essay on the world situation, and I didn't know how to describe it properly. I decided to turn to a service that helps students write. I recommend see for yourself because they did their job in a couple of days for a great price. Good help for those who can't write.

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Really cool news.

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Roberto Hereja Author

great news!