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I'm not sure how a real-tech-official-blessing-from-the-founder-tag would accomplish your vision. You can invent a tag and start using it today, no?

People will continue to post all the various topics they have been posting about.

I understand the fact you might not be interested in reading a post titled "Git Tutorial" but some other people might and the fact that dev.to has gone to lengths to avoid echo chambers (me reading only posts about X forever and ever) is one of the features I personally like the most. It's quite easy to ignore those posts and I sometimes do it: I scroll past them.

As others have said, the platform is young, I'm sure if people were to contribute thousands of posts everyday they would have to have a different strategy.

Blacklisting, though valuable in theory, seems an easy win with the aforamentioned ripercussions (echo chambers). How can you know you'll never ever be interested in reading somebody else's opinion on how their career has been evolving? We're not robots, this is part of the ethos of dev.to.

I'm not saying blacklisting is a stupid idea, au contraire, it's just that it might not make sense for the kind of community dev.to is trying to be.

I'm sure the algorithm is not perfect and can still be improved anyhow.

The fact you call it "crap in the feeds" makes me think you're not that much interested in having this discussion though.

expose disrespect to the writing

This I truly didn't get, what you do you mean with "disrespect to the writing" ? You mean the (non) ability to write engaging content? If so, again, if this troubles you so much, why downvoting is better than ignoring?

I feel like you might get the most out of this community by following a subset of tags and ignore the homepage. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to use the website in this sense

If the point is "I'm only interested in reading articles about distributed transactions in globally distributed databases" then allow me to rephrase your argument (I can be wrong obviously):

"I'm getting tired of dev.to because I'm only interested what I perceive is real tech and I'm not interested at all in any other type of conversation"

As I said, I might be wrong, but it's how I perceive your post.

An alternative path to reach your goal (apart from downplaying other people's contributions) is the constructive one:

  • post such content and tag it
  • write engaging content and invite conversation and criticism
  • invite other "real tech" devs on the platform and ask them to do the first two things
  • ignore whatever you're not interested in, in the meantime

Well, I do not care about how to make me happy on dev.to. It’s not about me. It’s about how to survive growing popularity.

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