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Hi Michael, I think in the beginning of the post you're being too hard on yourself.

Comparing yourself with people that seemingly have all their sh*t together and do amazing feats is a recipe for disaster. Aside from the fact, social media teaches us that, they usually don't have a perfect life (but maybe Drasner does, there's nothing wrong with either option).

Plenty of devs (whatever their skill level is) don't actively contribute to open source, don't market themselves, might go to the occasional conference and do not make a habit of coding 24/7.

I like CS and am grateful to be a developer, but for me it's a means to an end.

This is perfectly fine! I can't find it now but I remember there was a twitter thread going around of people (even famous ones) that went into programming because of the money. Why shouldn't they? You see skilled people making north of 100K/year in some places, what's wrong in being interested in something because it provides for one's own family?

Cheers Michael ;)

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