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re: It is about not letting people comment. If they have what to say, let them write a linked post as an answer, elaborating their point of view. I a...

Well, I don't agree. It would be a community of people beating their chests, talking to the wind without any discussions or counter arguments.

It would be great for metrics though, every single comment would be a post 🤣

There's a lot of value in comments and in some case even more than in the post itself that sparked them, I'm sorry you haven't had the chance to notice it. You should check out the collections of "best comments of the week"

Eh. I never proposed to disable comments on the whole site or like.

I proposed to give me and maybe some others such an option via markdown comment (could be hidden and not well documented.)

I admit many comments are valuable, when it comes to topics that assume some arguing. E.g. marking this particular post as comments: false would be silly :)

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