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Discussion on: Why the heck is everyone talking about WebAssembly?

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Hi Tim, you might want to look into a validator for your JSON. I've never used any of them but you can find some here

WebAssembly, at least for now, it's not going to help much in that, unless you write the entire app in C# with WebAssembly. The thing is that JS and WASM need to continuosly serialize and deserialize data coming from one to the other back and forth. So, if you write the JSON parser/validator in C# it would mean that each time you have to go from JavaScript (used to issue the HTTP call) to C# (to parse and validate the data) to JS (to use such data). That part of WebAssembly is still quite slow.

There a few proposals around to help with that but I think WebAssembly will truly excel for CPU heavy computations or when a lot of concurrency is involved (because they are adding threads to it).

Thread Thread
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I would use HttpClient in Blazor. But I agree that the interop between Javascript and C# could become an issue.