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Rishiraj Purohit

Hello and welcome to programming, I can completely relate to what you felt in the beginning because of so much information/guides out there , telling you what's important and what not.

FreeCodeCamp is a great place to start, I see you did we design and you are moving towards js, which signals you might be interested in web development. I will not say frontend or backend because you haven't fully tried it yet.

One thing that helped me aquire relevant skills, confidence while having fun and continuous motivation was thinking about what I want to make. Trying to make something that you can show to others will means you'll want it to be completed.

I wanted to make a website when I started to share some content with friends, I did html and css but it didn't look good on mobile and that told me about css percentage width, when that started failing, I learned media queries. I would have never learned media queries or remembered them if it wasn't for the website. I just wanted it to look good on mobile.

So I would advice you to think of something simple that you will love to make and share with friends , or share with us. While you make it you'll automatically figure out what you need to learn and what is not relevant at the point. When you face a problem, always remember, you might not be the first one to face this problem, someone else might have faced it too, so there must be questions and answers all over the web, you just need to search and you will find many solutions and one will work for you.

This also will validate your learnings, make a portfolio which will be a plus during interviews and having something tangible, usable out there will be worth all the hard work and late nights you spent finishing it. There is no rush in the beginning, enjoy it , you don't even need to remember everything by heart but just the times when it will be useful and then you can just search the syntax or implementation.

So congratulations on starting, completing a certificate and finding your path.
Congratulations on joining dev and posting here, and best of luck for all the things you make in future. I can't wait to see what you post here.

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Maru Author • Edited on

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment and for sharing your experience with me.

I can relate to what you say about building something you like and showing it to friends and family, it is very exciting to finish a project, seeing how others interact with it and receiving feedback. And yes! While building something you learn a lot, especially when you try to be creative and don't know how to make your idea come to life 😅

Again, thank you for your recommendations, I hope you have a good day!

Edit: I posted my experience on building projects, it would be nice if you could check it out :)