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Beginner's HaxeFlixel video tutorial series. Learn how to make a basic game.

Richard Oliver Bray
Full-time web developer. Part-time game developer. Content creator and novice photographer.
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Haxe is a great programming language. Flixel is a great game engine. Put them together and you get something pretty magical, HaxeFlixel. After using this engine for almost two years now I'm super surprised it hasn't caught on. Not many people know about it, not many people use it, and it's one of the few engines out there that let you not only export natively to desktops and mobile but consoles as well.

Not to mention if you're a front end developer who is interested in making a game that will work on consoles this is perfect for you because Haxe takes its syntax inspiration from ActionScript 3 which is based on the ECMA Script specification, same as JavaScript. So there's no reason not to give it a go.

📹 Video tutorials and release dates

The official HaxeFlixel beginners tutorial is great, but personally, I like to learn from videos and because there weren't many at the time of writing this, I have created a few of my own and scheduled them to release weekly, mostly every Thursday afternoon (UK time) on Youtube for FREE, with no ads. The best way to know when the videos will be released is by subscribing to my channel but I'll list the schedule and topic titles below.


1 - What makes up HaxeFlixel (6th of August)[Link]
2 - VSCode setup for game development (10th of August)[Link]
3 - Setting up your game - Part 1 (13th of August) [Link]
4 - Setting up your game - Part 2 (20th of August) [Link]
5 - Faster build times with a compilation server (24th of August)[Link]
6 - Setting up your game - Part 3 (27th of August)[Link]
7 - Setting up your game - Part 4 (27th of August)[Link]

Adding sprites

8 - How to add a 2D sprite to the game (3rd September)
9 - Keyboard controls to make sprite move (10th September)
10 - Add animations to sprite with sprite sheets (17th September)
11 - Adding gravity and collisions to a sprite - Part 1 (24th September)
12 - Adding gravity and collisions to a sprite - Part 2 (24th September)

Adding a level using Tiled Map Editor

13 - Make a simple map in tiled (1st October)
14 - importing your level data to HaxeFlixel (8th October)
15 - Adding collisions to our level (15th October)
16 - Adding collectables to our level - Part 1 (22nd October)
17 - Adding collectables to our level - Part 2 (22nd October)

Adding UI to the game

18 - Using FlxText to create a HUD (29th October)
19 - Formatting the HUD font (5th November)
20 - Adding a goal to our level (12th November)
21 - Level complete screen with FlxSubState (19th November)

Polishing your game

22 - Linking the second level part 1 (26th November)
23 - Linking the second level part 2 (26th November)
24 - Adding sound and music (3rd December)
25 - Removing the Flixel branding (10th December)
26 - Creating a custom loader (17th December)
27 - Publishing your game (24th December)

🌟 This is great, how can I support you?

Thank you so much for showing an interest to support. You could do so in many ways:

💵 How can I get access to all the videos now?

I like your impatience! I have started putting together a Google Classroom class with all the videos on there. You will need to have a personal Google account to access it so please keep that in mind.
In order to support me, it will cost you a small amount of money but, you will also get access to the source code and some bonus videos as well. Bonus videos such as:

  • How to add gamepad support
  • Adding jump dust animation
  • Adding a countdown timer to our game
  • Adding some slow motion

And much more…

🎓 I would like the learn about something in HaxeFlixel that you haven’t mentioned above.

The best way to learn how to do something is to try it out yourself, and if you have any questions or come across any issues I would recommend you visit the Flixel Discord server. People are very active there. You can also tell me what you want to learn on my Discord server, and maybe I will create a video about it.

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