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Discussion on: How a Side Project Helped Me Double My Salary

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Richard vK

I also have a 3 year old. Strangely for me though, side projects, which went on hold immediately after she was born, have started being revived since she turned 3. She is somewhat self entertaining and doesn't watch too much tv, but I think importantly we have a strict bedtime for her at 7pm. Usually (though not always) I have enough energy at that time of the day to play with tech, do some reading/research, or even some soldering and hacking. My biggest sacrifice is probably giving up as much tv watching as I can, as that's an easy but terrible time waster (if done in excess).

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Rémi Lavedrine

That is a very interesting comment.
How to deal with toddlers that are so much time consuming. But it is such hapiness to watch them growing up. <3

I am in that exact situation (baby is turning 3 and a new one is coming. ouch). But I can feel that I have time, to do side projects, exercise (I love running and climbing and do this frequently). But you must have a supportive partner (so lucky to have my wife) that can take care of the babies from time to time and you do the same so that she can have som time off.
If you have a very demanding job, it can be difficult indeed. But I am so lucky now to be 5 minutes from my job. This frees 2 hours (from the commute) if you consider my previous job schedule.
And I can say that I have some side project that I am working on with pleasure.
On the dev side (I got other side projects not related to dev ;-)), it is a tool that automate some parts of a static security audit on Android app. Tell me what you think of it.

GitHub logo Shosta / androSecTest

Automate the setup of your Android Pentest and perform automatically static tests

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Here is a quick Cheat Sheet to test the security of an Android app that AndroSecTest is doing.

You can have a quick look at how the application is pentesting an Android app on Youtube :

The first part of the Security testing is to :

  1. Get the application from the Store,
  2. Pull it from the device,
  3. Unpackaged it,
  4. Look for some unsecure behavior,
  5. Make it debuggable,
  6. Repackage it and reinstall it on the device.

1. Get the application from your device, using the adb command

1.1. List the applications' package names on your device :

adb shell pm list packages | grep “hint from the app you are looking for”

1.2. Get the path of the desired application on the device :

adb shell pm path

1.3. Pull it from your device to your computer :

adb pull app.path

1.4. Change the file name from ".apk"

But I must say that I am very eager to start doing some side project with my children (dev related). That is going to be awesome to work with them on some school project or anything else. :-D