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Discussion on: Have you ever been fired? What happened?

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Rich Burroughs • Edited on

I've been laid off several times but one was pretty much a firing with a nicer name.

After the tech bubble burst I was unemployed for months. I took a job at a huge pay cut and with a role that I was too experienced for, just because I needed to pay rent.

I was promised opportunities for advancement but they never came. As time went on my boss started to see me in the light of that junior role and not based on my previous experience. It was really bizarre, he'd talk down to me and I'd have to remind him of my background. There was an internal opportunity that came up that I was really interested in and I didn't get it. At that point I became super disillusioned.

Not too long after that my boss laid me off. He knew he had a lot of responsibility for how things went (he was really bad at managing and HR), so he treated it as a layoff. But it didn't feel like one.

After that one of my coworkers from a previous job recommended me for an opening in his shop. I got the job and a big raise, and it was much more interesting work.

I should have left the job that didn't work out before I was let go. And I shouldn't have counted on vague promises of advancement. It was a good learning experience though. I learned that situations like that can actually be really positive, if there are better opportunities out there. And it's one of the things in my career that taught me that in the end, you have to look out for yourself. No one else will care as much about your needs as you do.