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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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Rick Mills

Not the OP but my immediate thought would be, if you pick up your oldest couple of projects and try to update them, or to compile them using the latest tools out there, you can pretty much guarantee it will fail.

Thats the fragmentation, the instability, and the "hype-train" issue Javascript has. Theres just so many people wanting to re invent the wheel constantly that the whole ecosystem surrounding Javascript is just woefully poor when compared to other languages.

I'm totally bias here as a PHP dev who's watched PHP go through the same issues. Back in the v4 days, we had crummy sites offering up poorly written code snippets, and then there were a few that tried to make their sites seem like the go-to place for the best code (they weren't). Everyone just constantly reinvented the wheel every time they built something.

Finally we got stability with Composer and Packagist and a sensible set of people sat down and built the PSR standards, which were adopted by all the major widely used frameworks, down to the smallest of packages. And now because Composer actually requires packages to meet these standards (or at least a basic set of them) it means compatibility between codebases and versions is insanely good.

If a PHP package doesn't have a feature these days, you built it and contribute it back into that package, instead of the Javascript community which seems to think its a fantastic idea to just build a totally new thing every time.

This is what Javascript is missing - stability and leadership. As long as theres this constant screwing around with "Ooo a new shiny package, I must use that" or "I don't like how they did this thing so I'm going to write a better one" then JS will continue to be a second rate language with an extremely unstable ecosystem.

It's not really even a debate a this point - Javascript, without a doubt has the worst developer experience of any modern web programming language - by far! People who don't see this often just haven't had the experience using something better, so have no idea its even an issue.

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Spot on, I said more or less exactly the same thing in one of my comments on this post ... it's the "not invented here" syndrome, and the constant reinventing of the wheel, which are doing a lot of harm IMO.

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