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Discussion on: Hit me with a good rant

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Women developers not being treated seriously. The field is already bad enough for them as it is. My graduating class saw many girls changing majors from CS/ Applied Computational Math majors. At work, women were mostly in non-technical positions and even the ones in software teams were mostly expected to be good at design and aesthetics.

The ones who did survive the entire brutal ecosystem from day 0 way back in Uni all the way to being a mature developers capable of building mission critical systems would still not easily get opportunities to lead their teams as the architect/senior devs. It was easier for a new guy like me to surpass them as opposed to other guy tech dinosaurs at work. It was not the case everywhere I worked though and I certainly don't want to point out which ones were different. Some teams just were total sausage fests. As is the norm.

After having left full time employment, I was recently talking to a female friend who is an Ionic dev but always interested in reading/learning other tech stacks. She is also not finding a level playing field because of gender biases and is likely to be relegated as a UI developer as opposed to other more technical things she is passionate about. Best thing possible would be her getting promoted to a semi-technical project manager instead of a technical lead despite her years of experience.