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Story time, by this conference speaker

Steve took a moment to talk about something we don't think much about, smart TV's, we know that they are watching us, the bloatware is something we've got used to and most of the times can't get rid of it, but that's something you already expect.

But what about if you buy a smart TV and it has a hidden wifi chip that wasn't supposed to be there and that TV wasn't supposed to have wifi, we know they do, but that model wasn't supposed to have that feature, so no one knows where the new wifi network SSID is comming from? Apparently that has happened to someone and the manufacturer sweared that the TV hadn't wifi, guess what, it was hacked during the assembly process. You can always blame the manufacturer, but it could be, that they trusted the components provider and just bought it without know that chip had embeded wifi.

The biggest problem here, wasn't even that the TV had wifi, the problem was, what is that network doing? Where is it redirecting the traffic to? Who is getting the data from this network and what is happening to that data? Where is your information being stored at, and what is being done with that?

And remember that the connection is bi-directional, they could send packages back and inspect your place's network, access your files and devices.

What if that happens to you?

Do you use any USB charger, I'm sure you do, and use a cable that can charge and transfer data, what if that charger is a SIM network card inside that is triggering a service to clone your data and send it to a remote server.

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