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The problem, software is under attack

The numbers are bad, but will get worse.
5 years ago, the organized cybercrime was already bad, in fact more profitable than the narco crime.

The estimated profit of the narco crime was about 435 billion dollars a year, while the cybercrime had an estimated worth of 445 billion dollars a year!

Those are huge numbers, but what about the growth rate?

Which one was growing faster? You guessed it, the cybercrime, the estimated profit by 2021 is of 6000 billion dollars, against the 2100 billions estimated for the narco crime.

Humm okay, but who's behind that?

  • Hackers
  • Professional cyber attackers
  • Governments

How did you get those numbers?

Well, we can estimate it, they might be bigger but we will never know, because those guys won't tell us, obviously.

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