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Rishav Jadon Author

Oh it's very disrespectful to you, is it?
Did my article hurt you? Why you so frustrated man? Considering your age, you should be playing with ur grandkids instead of commenting shitty things on some junior Dev's article. Now go back to doing whatever the hell u do n stop ruining my post.

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Piotr Lewandowski • Edited on

" stop ruining my post" - you ruined it yourself showing lack of understanding of what you write about (which is even more apparent in your replies to some of the comments". Accept criticism, learn from it, instead of pretending you know more than you do. Don't be example of Dunning–Kruger Effect diagram ;)
Also: if you don't like people criticising and commenting on your posts, there's an easy solution: don't publish ;)

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Rishav Jadon Author

"Lack of understanding". Learn English first @piotrlewandowski

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Francisco Mendes

Seriously though, there are ways to be critical about something, however the approach you took (and obviously mine is not an example) I don't think it was the best.

But yes, I like to say "I'm just getting started" because no matter how much I know, every day I always end up learning new things.

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