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We have a great course for interview preparation which will help your students to prepare their resumes and find a great job in the IT sector. The main highlight of this course is that it is completely free & it contains a summary of all the important topics from the 4 years of college.

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Some more highlights of the course:

•Introduction to the recruitment process.
•Tips and tricks to build a well-structured resume
•How to stand out from all the other candidates in an interview
•Aptitude and Reasoning MCQ Questions
•Data structures and Algorithms
•Operating Systems
•Database Management System
•Computer Networking
•Most asked interview questions of the DBMS, CN, and OS
•Interview Experiences of various Companies

Exclusive Access Code: GFGFN6AYM

Course Link:

I hope my agenda of adding value to society with this course will definitely help a lot of students.

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