Top 5 Reasons to Choose .NET for Your IoT Project

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IoT (Internet of Things) has become a fantastic addition to the present technology world. This has made the current market more advanced and has also become quite beneficial for the audience. Even the big corporations are collaborating to come up with the interesting creation of IoT to supply the industry with suitable serving solutions.

IoT has also proved to be extremely beneficial for the users as well. One of the most awesome programming languages working on the notion of object-orientation, ASP.NET, has been taken over by this platform. The ASP.Net app development functions to make sure that the trend improves without any problem whatsoever.

Nevertheless, you will come across many organizations, which make use of the dot net development in a different way for their projects in IoT. They are of the notion that it will be compatible with other platforms, unlike .net. And therefore, it has become quite debatable amongst the companies at present. They are trying to come across the best language type for putting up with IoT technology.

Below, we have mentioned the top 5 reasons why one should choose .Net for any IoT project.
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  1. Windows 10 IoT Core

Being a Microsoft product, .Net is compatible with Windows 10 IoT Core. The OS for Windows 10 has been developed specifically to operate on low-power devices such as MinnowBoard MAX, Raspberry Pi 2, and 3, as well as Dragonboard 410c.

It is completely free, which happens to be a notable advantage. Windows 10 IOT cores come with quite a few integration options as well as a useful tool kit, which is a result of the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and Visual Studio and Azure Cloud platform.

It is possible for any dot net development company to hire .NET developers with the combination of UWP and .NET Core that will be capable of creating incredible IOT applications for Windows 10 IoT Core. A smooth UX is offered by .NET Core, which makes it quite advantageous out there. A US IoT app development company cannot implement complicated IoT systems with several Windows 10 IoT Core and .NET; however, they will be able to enjoy personalizing small IoT systems.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Being identified as amongst the most well-known enterprise-class platforms right now, it works incredibly well for IoT users out there. The IoT accelerator and Azure IoT platform along with data storage and recovery is provided by Microsoft. The security, flexibility, and analytics, which are offered by Microsoft Azure happen to be important features when it comes to IoT app development.

This particular platform, which is secure and dependable, provides lots of services. It will be possible to position your apps with several clicks in the cloud template by creating application runtime in the Azure Dashboard. The leading Microsoft engineers have been working on Azure extensively for including innovative features and providing updates.

  1. .NET Ready-Made Solutions

Virtually every coding problem has been created and fixed somewhere on the web. Any dot net development company in the US is helped by .net by providing ready-made solutions. It implies that in case you are having any problem with your IoT solution, it is highly possible that the answer for that has been already found by somebody else, and he or she has already published the code on Bitbucket or GitHub. You simply need to copy the code and paste it.

The .net community is quite large and a substantial portion of reusable code is produced by them. The speed of IoT development of any web development organization in the US is going to increase highly when combined with the .net Framework class library. .Net provides the benefits mentioned above, and it is one of the best options in case you have to face a hard deadline.

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