VBScript Vs JavaScript

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Main differences between VBScript and JavaScript

It is a fact that both languages are quite popular at present in the market. Let us talk about some of the main differences between the two.

  1. JavaScript does not support subroutines and inheritance concept, and therefore, it cannot be considered to be a genuine scripting language which is object-oriented. However, JavaScript development services do support the use of an object.

On the contrary, VBScript does not support object usage, inheritance, and class usage; however, subroutines and reusable functions are supported by it. As a result, it is likewise not a genuine scripting language that is object-oriented.

  1. For the majority of the browsers, JavaScript happens to be the default scripting language. On the other hand, VBScript cannot be considered to be a scripting language by default and it has to be mentioned as a scripting language.

  2. JavaScript happens to be a scripting language which is case-sensitive; however, VBScript cannot be considered to be a case-sensitive scripting language.

  3. There is a lot of similarity between the JavaScript syntax and the C programming language. On the contrary, the syntax of VBScript is identical to that of Visual Basic.

  4. While JavaScript can be used as a client-side scripting language, it is possible to use VBScript as a client-side as well as server-side scripting language.

  5. The identical operator is used by JavaScript for various operations while VBScript makes use of different operators.

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