Discussion on: Is Blogging Useful?

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Ryan Carter

Thanks for your thoughts. I've been a developer for 20 years, and I've always struggled to get my thoughts out there in some form. I am usually busy doing actual work, and it is hard to know the value of blogging when no one reads it, or to put effort into it. I'm a self-taught coder which is I think a blessing and a curse. You have a different perspective on things, but are seen as a hack too, because you don't follow the same path as everyone who went to school for it. It is hard to find legitimacy, and I wonder if my not being able to share my knowledge has hurt my progress somewhat. I'll have to ponder a bit.

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Alexey Migutsky Author

I was thinking the same.

Now, I am really thinking it was a bad idea not to post my thoughts on frameworks, patterns and things I've seen around.

As soon as you start mentoring or just sharing your experience, it's very good to see your previous steps and your ideas evolution.

On the other hand, you never know what will bring you some opportunities.

In general, I think it's useful to create any kind of assets and capitalizable things, even if they are not used and not of value immediately.